About us

Universal HD Solution service ltd is company based in Rwanda as head quarter wish to expand and open new branches in different African countries with the following goals.

  • Honest: we practice honestly first here at Universal HD Solution Service ltd
  • Excellent: we appreciate individual initiative to cease opportunity and deliver the best result
  • Citizenship: we contribute to the developments of people’s lives for better global citizenship
  • Team work: we value individual excellent and work as team for benefit of UHDSS and our clients
  • Dedication: we all dedicate our time for the success of our company and clients

We at Universal HD Solution Service ltd are a group of skilled and goal- oriented Counselors  who are offering consulting services to the individuals and families who are aspiring to immigrate to the success of their future. Our team is committed to help aspirants deal with the complexities of the immigration process in different 35 countries. We are only education agency that can help you to get admission letter in just 6 hours to 3 days with scholarship in different 35 countries.


Our staff members






Position: Human Resource Manager 




Position:  Legal advisor 




Position: Marketing manger and social media specialist