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Universal HD solution service ltd is private limited company, specialized in international students placement based in different 35 countries. Some of our partner Countries are : Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Turkey, North-Cyprus, Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, India, China, Philippines, Bangladesh, France, Netherlands, Poland, Andorra, Norway, Morocco, Mauritius, New Zealand. 

International students

Through an understanding of individual student’s goals and needs, we help to place...

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Apply for visa

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Invest in any country

Universal HD solution service ltd also help people who need to invest in...

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Assessment for Scholarship

Universal HD solution service ltd help student to take  assessment for students who...

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Property valuation

Universal HD solution service ltd also help people for movable or non-movable property...

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Work permit

Universal HD solution service ltd also help people who wish to work in...

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Hotel Booking

Universal HD solution service ltd help passenger  to book hotel  all over the...

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Flight Ticket and insurance booking

Universal HD solution service ltd also help to book book flight and Health...

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Medical Tourism in Europe

Universal HD Solution service ltd offer medical Tourism in Europe we help patient...

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Why choose as and why we are different

Universal HD solution service ltd also help people to apply for visa our success   100% in different countries all over the world students visa, visit visa, business visa, tourist visa, work permit … we also help people in pre visa application service (preparation of documents for visa)

Our partner’s countries

Tuition fees range and scholarship , NB: all Tuitions Fees are applicable for both masters, undergraduate, PHD and high school students, please send your Documents to (apply@universalhdss.com) please make sure that you insert country you wish to study in ,Course and level even your contact number or make online application on our site as international student . Required documents for High school are : passport ,previous transcript or report and student card , for Bachelor send A level certificates, Reports from secondary 4(level 10) to secondary 6 ( level 12), passport and CV or those who have Gap in their education from 1 year and above ,for Masters you have to send Degree, Transcripts, passport, CV and English proficiency if applicable, for PHD you have to submit Degrees both Bachelor and Masters, CV, English proficiency if applicable ,Transcripts both Bachelor and Masters, Publications and recommendations if applicable for more information, please contact us on WhatsApp +250788941631.


Tuition is ranged from 2000$ to 5000$ sometime scholarship available


tuition is ranged from 4000 $ to 8000$ up to partial scholarship available


Tuition is ranged from 10000AUD to 30000AUD sometime scholarship are available

New Zealand

Tuition is ranged from 5000$ to 20000$ sometime scholarship are available.


Tuition is ranged from 4000$ to 10000$ up to partial scholarship


tuitions ranged from 5000$ t0 10000$ up to 50% scholarship


Tuition ranged from 4000$ to 7800$ scholarship available from 50% to 100%.


Tuition is ranged from 2000$ to 4400$ no scholarship available


Tuitions starting from 800$ to 2600$ no scholarship available


Tuition fees is fanged from 2500$ to 7400$ for under graduate, masters and PHD some time you got scholarship


Tuitions is ranged from 12000 CAD TO 60000CAD scholarship from 2000 up to partial scholarship


Tuition is ranged from 7400$ to 60000$ up to partial scholarship


Tuition is ranged from 2000$ to 8000$ some time there is scholarship


Tuition is ranged from 3000$ to 7000$ sometime free tuition


Tuition is ranged from 10000$ to 60000$


Tuition ranged from 8000$ to 40000$ no scholarship available


Tuition from 7000$ to 30000$ sometime scholarship


I Kananga Bruce I used this time to appreciate UHDSS since I finished my high school with good grade I started to look for  studying abroad I used to search for it 1 year, when I join you UHDSS  I thought that it is  impossible to get  good University and visa  and I started to give up  you started to work on my application I got some email notification with good news every week now I already got visa to study  in Poland I appreciate for you effort . I recommend my friend to take they career seriously and join UHDSS for their consultation


My name is Niyonshuti  student at university of Nebraska Lincoln   USA UHDSS was my consultant company since I started application for admission until visa success I recommend you my friend join UHDSS I know you will get good and affordable services.


I Mucyo  Regisi recommend UHDSS was my counselor for admission in Cyprus with 75% scholarship  I just 2 days and visa in just 1 week it’s my pleasure to recommend my friend to your good service and support .

Mucyo  Regisi

Since I choose to join universal HD Solution Service ltd it was starting of my success I was denied to study permit in Canada until I joined your consultant your advice for admission and visa application documents and you help in application was very help full for my visa success now I joined Algonquin College and I see that all information you give was true I really appreciate for your support.


I  Uwitonze  I’m grateful to Universal HD Solution service ltd, I am extremely excited to have been given the opportunity. Your expertise has been valuable in the process. To have the full scholarship and visa granted in such a short duration has been a dream come true for me. Without your positive outlook on the whole application, I’m not sure my sponsor would have felt it was even possible. My family member were worried in the beginning, however it took a positive progress in all the applications and they are also happy. Thanks so much.”  Now I’m student in Netherlands masters on full scholarship


I Igiranza jean luck student in Cyprus since I was in high school my dream was to study abroad and it was very difficult for me when I met Universal HD Solution service ltd it was the gate of my journey they help me to get 75% scholarship in Cyprus one of 300 world rank university now my career is good I recommend you to UHDSS service,

Igiranza Jean Luck

I Mulisa Emmanuel recommend Universal HD solution service ltd help me in my school application and visa process in Russia in just 40 days I got visa without any deposit, UHDSS is bridge to my success.

Mulisa Emmanuel

My journey starts here and I am sooooo excited.Thank you so much for all your help with Universal HD Solution service ltd !!! You made me feel confident helped explain each stage of the process with patience. You are very professional and approachable. The personal touch is a lot nicer than feeling you’re talking to a machine. Thank you for putting up with my 100s of questions and always being so good to reply straight away. We appreciate all your help and would recommend you to everyone we know. Now I’m studying in Philippines PHD at affordable price and good condition of living .

Thank you

I Uwimpuhwe Angelique student in medicine Philippines manila, Universal HD Solution Service ltd is a stairway to conquer your dreams. It houses an expert team of consultants who offer impeccable overseas education and immigration consultation. They are professional and committed in their work patterns. As a result, they lay a bridge for your passion and goals to align. You are given a platform to achieve echelons of success. They are genuine in their work. I’m happy to have come in contact with them. I delight in recommending them for your immigration consultation.

Uwimpuhwe Angelique Accountant @ Students

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