Why choose as and why we are different

Ethics: we keep our promise we do what we say we will do. We communicate regularly and with our customer and each other to set expectations.

Trust: we work here because customer trust service we provide. we genuinely want to help people make new lives and we understand the impact our support can have on them.

Professionalism: we are team of highly dedicated professionals. We believe passionate in what we do. it’s not the job we do. it’s how we do the job.

Knowledge: we are genuinely knowledgeable about what we do we offer an unmatched range of understanding of visa requirements, school requirements and other service we offer.

  • We are available to communicate 24/7
  • We answer each of our communications in the shortest possible time
  • Each file is reviewed by the licensed consultant
  • On average our fees are less
  • We keep up to date with latest changes in the rules and regulations
  • When your application fails we make new application for free