International students

Through an understanding of individual student’s goals and needs, we help to place international students to their best advantage in an increasingly competitive international education environment.

If you prefer to study in one of above countries –at university, college, high school or language school– and need help for the application process, Universal HD Solution Service ltd Agents are ready to help your application to the best schools in one of above countries

Personal information

Education related information

Foundementals of application (here explain your wishes very well put your Plan A, B,C) application is done depend on this fundamental information in max 1000 words explain your wishes

Destination education information

Please upload your Degree in PDF format.
Please upload your CV in PDF format.
Please upload all transcript here
Please upload your recommendation in PDF format.
Please upload your passport
Please upload your passport
Please upload your language proficiency (if any)
Please upload your transcript in PDF format.

Payments of application processing fess which is refundable if you do not get one of what you briefly in fundamental of application 300$

Note1: your application will not be reviewed until you finish payments processing fees

Note 2:
Your admission is ready between 6hours to 7days if not you will notify before application
process and will be sent to your email

Declaration: I declare that I made school application with Universal HD solution service ltd and I sign That I will come back in my Home country after my studies